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    Hi there! Many of you have asked me to share a few details on how we set up for a large trade show such as the NY NOW show. It is pretty straight forward but can be overwhelming if you have not done it before. I am going to take you through some show-set-up-steps from the most recent show that we participated in: NY NOW which occurred January31st-Feb 3rd. It's super hard work, but totally worth it in the end!

    STEP 1: ARRIVE AT JAVITS CENTER TO AN EMPTY BOOTH: The booth is completely empty when we arrive. The walls are painted white and there is plastic protecting the new carpeting. 

    STEP 2: UNLOAD THE PALLET: This is what the Little Korboose pallet looks like if you are standing in our empty booth looking out. Javit's Center workers deliver each exhibitor's pallet the night before show set up. If all goes well (fingers ALWAYS crossed), the pallet will be sitting right outside our booth when we arrive the day before the show for show set-up. It's always a hold your breath kind of moment when you approach the booth :).

    *Note: We choose to fly to New York, which means we have to have our booth freighted to Javits Center (as shown below). Some people choose to drive with all of their booth materials in a van or uhaul but the rule at Javits is: you have to hand carry everything in if you do that. Also parking can be frustrating and get expensive in the city so in the end it's easier and more cost effective for us this way.

    STEP 3: BOOTH BUILD OUT. This is by far the most time consuming part of the show. At this point, after the pallet is unloaded, we start building out our booth and installing our custom fixtures. I really enjoy visual merchandising and furniture design, so our booth has a lot of extra special custom details. The booth design evolves a bit every show.  

    STEP 4: PRODUCT SET-UP. The final step to our booth set up is to organize samples and place them on the fixtures. This part is my favorite part. It is like decorating a room and really brings everything to life. Below is a shot of one of the booth walls with our organic tea towels and pillows. You can see a video of the entire booth here

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